Can I choose what's in my box each week?

We are happy to offer CSA members the ability to customize your share.  To use our customization feature, simply login to your JBG account and click on the button that says "customize this share".  You are only able to customize your CSA share during your  "customization window", which is based on your particular delivery day.  All customers are able to customize beginning Saturday at midnight (the week prior to your delivery).  To learn when your specific customization window closes, email the farm!  This limited customization window helps us ensure that we harvest according to your needs.  At all farmers' market pickup locations, members can trade out any number of items in their box with those available at our market stand.

Do you offer home delivery to my area?

You can check if we delivery to your home by entering your zip-code on our Join page. If we do not deliver to your location and you would like to request delivery just call 512-386-5273 or email our office and we will see what we can do.

What time can I expect my home delivery?

Your home delivery will arrive between and 8:30 and 8:30pm of your scheduled delivery day. Your delivery time should be around the same time each week however it may fluctuate based on traffic and the driver's scheduled route for that day.

Where are the office and community pickup sites?

A map of our pick-up sites can be found here. If you are interested in hosting a new pickup site we need at least 8 members per week minimum to consider adding a new pickup location. Please contact us if you would like to begin hosting a new pick-up site at your office, business or neighborhood. An office pickup site is a great addition to any employee wellness program!

How do I pick up my produce at my office or a community pick-up location?

When you arrive at the pickup site:
  • 1. Initial Sign-off Sheet - Locate your name on the member sign-off sheet and initial. If your name is not on the list please do not take a box.
  • 2. Take your Veggies - Select a CSA box and transfer the vegetables into your own cooler or bags.
  • 3. Leave the Box - Flatten the box and leave it stacked neatly. Please be careful not to tear the box tabs — we reuse them to help keep costs down.
  • 4. Eggs & Coffee? - If eggs and/or coffee are part of your share, remember to pick them up. They will be stored in a separate cooler or crate next to the vegetable boxes. Returned egg cartons can be reused and are appreciated!

How do I choose custom pickup dates?

Members may call or email our office and have their pickup dates and locations scheduled as they like.

How do I postpone my next delivery or put my delivery on hold?

Just email us by Friday the week prior to your delivery day or by logging into your account and clicking on the My Deliveries tab. Clicking on the "Postpone One Week" button on the middle right hand of the page, and all of your deliveries will move forward one week.

How do I change my delivery frequency (for example from weekly to every-other-week)?

Members may call or email our office if you would like to change your frequency.

How do I change my pickup location?

If you would like to change the pickup location for the deliveries shown please call or email the farm office.

What happens if I cannot pick up my box?

If you contact our office 48 hours prior to your delivery day, we can arrange for a pick-up at an alternate community pick-up site during the same week. Members also have the option to call our office to donate your share. Last, you can always postpone.  We have a partnership with the The Settlement Home, Caritas and the Salvation Army. We donate produce to these organizations several times each week.

Late or Missed Pick-up Policy

Since produce is perishable, we ask the CSA site host to donate any vegetable boxes left after the pickup time window closes. Unfortunately, we do not give replacement boxes if you come late or miss a pickup. You can change your schedule by emailing us by Friday the week prior to your delivery day or by logging into your account and clicking on the My Deliveries tab.

How do I pay?

When you sign up for farm membership, you will pay through our secure online payment system by debit or credit card (shares start at $22 per box for community pickup, or $25 for home delivery) . All subscriptions auto-renew until you cancel.  There are no fees to join and no long-term commitments!

How do I add eggs or coffee or other grocery items to my existing subscription as a one-time extra?

Members may login to their JBG account, click on the "My Deliveries" tab, and choose to add a one-time add-on from this interface.  Ordering add-ons to a one-time delivery is a great way to give these value added products a try before committing to have them delivered with your entire subscription.

How do I add eggs or coffee or other grocery items to my existing subscription on a recurring basis?

Please contact the farm office.

How long is your season?

We grow vegetables year-round and deliver CSA shares every week of the year. We do not deliver on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day.

What is your cancellation policy?

Members may cancel their subscription renewal at any time, for any reason.

What is your refund policy?

In the CSA model, members are seen as active farm partners, sharing the risks and rewards of the harvest. Should you choose to cancel your subscription, we cannot offer a refund for shares already paid for. We can offer a gift certificate for the amount of remaining shares on your account that you can give as a gift. The CSA partnership sustains our farm, individual members, and the community at large. Given this no-refund policy, we advise that new members initially sign up for four-week membership before committing to a longer subscription. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our refund policy.

Do you reuse your CSA boxes?

Yes. To be environment friendly and also reduce waste, we reuse CSA boxes up to 10 times. Please do not take the cardboard box home. Select a CSA box, and transfer the vegetables into your own cooler or bags to carry your vegetables home with you. We ask you also break the box down so it is flat, and then stack it neatly for easy pickup by JBG. We thank you for making this effort to help us reduce waste.

Can I bring my family out to volunteer at the farm?

We work hard and get dirty, but we have a friendly crew and always have a good time on harvest days. Workshares volunteer on the farm for half a day (8 am to 1 pm) in exchange for a share of veggies. JBG accepts workshares on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, our busiest harvest and packing days. If you're interested in worksharing, please contact us in advance and let us know when you'd like to help. Because of high demand, it's essential to RSVP at least 48 hours before you want to come out to the farm. (It's best to contact us a week in advance to be ensured a spot.) You must receive confirmation prior to coming to JBG. Given the challenging nature of farm work, all volunteers must be 18 yo or older. Checkout our volunteer page for more information.