11/24/17 — Heydon Hatcher

Overflowing spread at Mueller Farmers Market. Photo by Scott David Gordon.

Right now the farm is stunningly gorgeous! We are in the sweet spot after the heat and before the cold. Everything is so verdant and green. We are rounding the corner on planting 6.25 acres of onions! So many onions. Leeks are next. We also stopped by one of our more bustling markets, Texas Farmers Markets at Mueller, last week. What a beautiful spread!

We are already deep into planning for Spring and the transplant sale. Everyone here is looking forward to Thanksgiving and we are swapping our favorite seasonal JBG vegetable recipes and turkey roasting secrets around the lunch table. Have a happy and safe holiday!

Beautiful fall roots and greens. Photo by Scott David Gordon.

Early morning spinach harvest. Photo by Scott David Gordon.

Green onions. Photo by Scott David Gordon.

Planting onions. Photo by Scott David Gordon.

Verdant. Photo by Scott David Gordon.

Dandelion green harvest. Photo by Scott David Gordon.

Bok choy portrait. Photo by Scott David Gordon.

Broccoli harvest. Photo by Scott David Gordon.

Ada and her herbs. Photo by Scott David Gordon.


11/24/17 — Heydon Hatcher

Before I start my letter, I wanted to give our CSA members a shout out! Thanksgiving donations alone totaled over 900 lbs of fresh produce!

Instead of postponing your delivery, so many of you donated your CSA share. These donations will help supply the Settlement Home and Safeplace with fresh produce for their clients year-round. We are sincerely thankful for your contributions! Community Supported Agriculture has never felt so communal.

Photo by Scott David Gordon.

Being the day after Thanksgiving, I thought it would be a perfect time to sit down and write out some thanks. After the last two years being riddled with floods, tornadoes, massive greenhouse destruction, and huge gullies washing away acres of the farm, I am so immensely grateful that this year we were spared from destruction (knock on wood, the year isn’t over yet!).

I am so thankful to have a team of employees that go above and beyond their call of duty day after day, week after week. The current JBG work family is probably the most solid team we’ve had yet. Our team of managers is seriously stellar, Ada, Tracy, Andrew, Lena, Mike... the list goes on. I have had a lot of folks who have been around since the advent of the farm and are seriously integral players to the inner-workings of JBG. I do not know where I would be without them. Vicente, Temo, Montana, Fawn, and Krishna... to name a few. It feels a little strange sometimes to think about these people who have stood by my side since the beginning.

Along with those who’ve been around for years, we’ve brought on some new employees that have been such an asset to the farm this year, two Cornell graduates: Kirby, our Greenhouse Manager, and Becky, our Farm Manager. Becky has essentially filled my position… it’s the first time that we have done that! In the past with Mike, Jason, and Charlotte, we hired them as Assistant Farm Managers. Becky has a degree in Agriculture and ten years of farm experience to boot, so we decided to offer her the Farm Manager job. I am really very grateful to have someone dedicated like her to help with the farm.

The farm has never looked better in the fall, and this is also reflected in our sales. In November we’ve already reached record sales in our Wholesale Department. Kudos to Mike and Pete for their hard work! I am also thankful we haven’t had our first freeze yet. The first freeze is usually around the second week in November, and here we are at the end of the month still able to have tomatoes and sweet peppers!

Photo by Scott David Gordon.

I want to continue my thank-you's by turning to you, the JBG community. I'm incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to be your farmer. As many of you know, organic farming was a long-time dream of mine, even as I was working as a government engineer for over a decade. JBG could never have gotten to be where we are today without the support of such an incredible community. From my backyard to a thriving farm east of town serving Texas, it's been an incredible journey. Being back in Alabama for the holidays looking for hard-to-find local produce, makes me remember how special our city is. It’s an anomaly to live in a town where local grocers care to stock up their aisles with the freshest produce from local farms. I ventured into Whole Foods last week before I left town to find so much of our produce on the shelves. The most there has ever been! Austin is such a wonderfully supportive enclave for farmers, it's truly something. On top of that, we are blessed with being in the midst of one of the top restaurant scenes in the country. I am so grateful to be backed by so many talented and creative chefs who are excited about whatever we have in season. This is a special place indeed.

Speaking of being in Alabama, I am also thankful to be with my Grandmother, Mama Nell, and my father this weekend. Nothing like soul-satiating time with family. I hope everyone has a love-filled and food-filled holiday. If JBG was a part of your Thanksgiving meal this year - send us some photos of what you made! We'd love to see what you're cooking with the season's bounty! Thanks for your continual support of our farm.

Sincerely, Brenton

Photo by Scott David Gordon.


11/21/17 — Scott

CSA Box Contents Week of Nov 20th

Large Box
Beet, Red
Carrot, Orange
Greens, Chard, Rainbow
Greens, Kale, Dino
Greens, Salad Mix
Herb, Dill
Pepper, Sweet Medley
Squash, Butternut
Tomato, Red Slicer
Medium Box
Beet, Chioggia
Bok Choy
Carrot, Orange
Greens, Kale, Curly
Greens, Spinach
Herb, Cilantro
Onion, Multiplying
Pepper, Sweet Medley
Squash, Butternut
Small Box
Beet, Golden
Carrot, Orange
Greens, Kale, Curly
Greens, Spinach
Herb, Cilantro
Potato, Sweet
Individual Box
Beet, Red
Greens, Kale, Curly
Greens, Spinach
Turnip, White Japanese


11/21/17 — Heydon Hatcher

Recipe and Photos by Megan Winfrey

This stew is so comforting and delicious, without the heavy calories synonymous with most comfort dishes. Substituting turnip mash for mashed potatoes adds nutrients and subtracts starchy carbs. A beefy red wine broth seals the deal and makes for an enticing aroma. And of course, you can't beat the fresh flavor of JBG carrots and turnips, which make every dish extra yummy.

Red Wine Beef Stew over Turnip Mash

  • 2 pounds New York strip trimmed
  • 3 tbs. flour
  • 1 tsp. paprika
  • salt and black pepper to taste
  • 2 tbs. olive oil
  • 1 1/2 cup dry red wine
  • 1 3/4 cup beef stock
  • 1/2 tsp. dried thyme
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 cup mushrooms thinly sliced
  • 3-4 carrots carrots diced
  • 1 rib celery thinly sliced
  • 1 shallot thinly sliced
  • 3 turnips, peeled and cubed
  • 1 white potato peeled and cubed
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 3 tbs. butter
Preheat oven to 375.

Dice beef into 2" cubes and pat dry with a towel. In a mixing bowl combine flour, paprika, salt and pepper. Add the beef cubes and toss to coat.

Heat the olive oil in a large dutch oven or heavy-bottomed pot over medium-high. Add the beef and reserve the rest of the flour spice mix. Turn the beef to brown on all sides, sealing in the juices. Cook about 1 minute on each side, then remove the beef cubes to drain on a paper towel. With the heat still on, add the red wine to deglaze the pan, scraping up all the brown bits.

Add the beef stock, thyme, and bay leaves and bring to a simmer. Add the beef cubes and cook at a low simmer for 2 hours.

While the beef cooks, prepare the stew veggies and the mash veggies. 30 minutes before serving, add the stew veggies to the pot and crank up to a low boil.

For the mash, place the turnips and potatoes in a large pot with enough water to cover. Boil for 25-30 minutes, or until tender. Drain the water and mix in the milk, 2 tbs. of butter, and salt and pepper to taste. Mash, keeping it slightly lumpy.

Transfer the mixture to an oven safe dish, dot with the remaining tablespoon of butter, cover loosely with foil, and bake for 15 minutes.

Serve in big bowls with the turnip mash on bottom, and the juicy savory stew on top.


11/17/17 — Heydon Hatcher

Just beet it. Photo by Scott David Gordon.

Another week and we are busy, busy, busy. We are looking forward to the upcoming holiday, but also trying to get everything done in the meantime! With a food-centric holiday on the horizon, we have our hands full. This time of the year is magical for our veggies, our crops are varied and flourishing. Come check out the expansive spread at the markets this weekend!

Harvest bins. Photo by Scott David Gordon.

Rainbow chard. Photo by Scott David Gordon.

Sun peeking through. Photo by Scott David Gordon.

Lettuce grace notes. Photo by Scott David Gordon.

Harvesting. Photo by Scott David Gordon.

Harvesting collards. Photo by Scott David Gordon.

Water on greens. Photo by Scott David Gordon.

Rinsing carrots and having a good ole time. Photo by Scott David Gordon.

Fall 'maters. Photo by Scott David Gordon.


11/17/17 — Heydon Hatcher

Schedule Changes for the Week of 11/20-11/25

Sunflower showing some love. Photo by Scott David Gordon.

  • All Wednesday Home Deliveries have been rescheduled for Monday, November 20th.
  • All Thursday CSA Pickups & Home Deliveries have been rescheduled for Tuesday, November 21st. Same time, same place, earlier day.
  • All Houston deliveries have been rescheduled for Tuesday, November 21st. Same time, same place, earlier day.
  • Lakeline Farmers Market will be closed on Saturday, November 25th. If you normally get your CSA here, it will be sent to our Cedar Park drop on Wednesday, November 23rd. The address is 1505 Hunter Ace Way, and you can scoop up your share anytime between 3-7 pm. Please note: this pickup site is located at a home residence; boxes will be on the side of the house.
  • All Thursday Dallas Pickups have been rescheduled for Tuesday, November 21st. Same time, same place, earlier day.
  • All Friday Dallas Pickups have been rescheduled for Wednesday, November 22nd. Same time, same place, earlier day.
  • All Friday Pickup and Home Delivery customers can change their pickup to a Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday pickup location to get their veggies early and get cookin'! If you'd like to reschedule your delivery, please let us know by Monday, November 20th. See all of your pickup options here.
  • If you'd like to donate your CSA share to our Sponsored Share Program instead of postponing the delivery, just shoot us an e-mail. More info about our donations program here.

CSA line. Photo by Scott David Gordon.


11/17/17 — Heydon Hatcher

Did you know that 1 in 4 people in Austin are or have been food insecure, or lacking dependable access to sufficient amounts of economical and nutritious food? That's 25% of our Austin community! Can you believe it? Depending on the area, up to even 40% of people do not have easy access to fresh and affordable food, and in neighborhoods where busy thoroughfares inundate the cityscape and sidewalks are lacking, folks who do not have vehicular access risk their lives daily to purchase groceries to feed their family. Despite sounding abysmal, there's a lot that we can all do to help, and if you are a part of the CSA community, have you thought about sharing the harvest this holiday season?

SafePlace donation. Photo by Scott David Gordon.

If your family is headed out of town for the holidays, or if you're trying to avoid an overflowing fridge, we hope you will consider donating your CSA share to The Settlement Home or SafePlace. With the produce received from JBG, The Settlement Home provides nutritious meals and teaches the girls it serves how to cook. Thanks to the weekly deliveries from JBG, SafePlace is able to stock its pantry with fresh organic vegetables (instead of canned goods) for the women and children living in their shelter. Your donated share helps feed children, young adults, and families in Texas with histories of trauma, abuse, and neglect. Donating your share is easy and helps secure nutrition for these folks in need. Just email us (farm@jbgorganic.com) with the dates you would like to donate your share(s), and we'll do the rest! Need your vegetables for your holiday meal but still want to help those in need? Sponsoring a share is easy, too. Find more information about that program here. In addition to our Sponsored Share program, Central Texas Food Bank (CTFB) and Salvation Army pick up veggies once a week. In 2016, we donated 26,100 lbs of veggies, or 31,320 meals to CTFB! With the help from our CSA community and our Sponsored Share program, we donate around 2400 lbs of veggies, or 2900 meals per year to both SafePlace and The Settlement Home. That's a whole lot of vegetables!

Central Texas Food Bank donations. Photo by Scott David Gordon.

Casey carting donations in. Photo by Scott David Gordon.

Speaking of local warriors toiling against food insecurity... Ever heard of Music, Tech, and Food? This new nonprofit in town seeks to bring two thriving Austin communities together, Music and Tech, to promote hunger awareness, and via ticket sales to regularly scheduled music events, donate farm-fresh food to local shelters and pantries. Pretty cool, eh? Read more about it here and get involved! 'Til next time, folks!